WATCH: Passengers repeatedly open and close window shade in most immature airplane fight ever

2019-11-20 10:21 - Marisa Crous
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We've all experienced bad passenger behaviour. Perhaps a fellow passenger stealing our arm rest, or our tray of food being smashed by the person in front of us - who chose meal service to be the ideal time to recline all the way down.

But two grown men just took it way further. There is petty and then there is hella immature!

Two grown men were caught continually opening and closing a window shade in what must be the world's most ridiculous airplane fight we've seen in a long time. 

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Though we suspect the man filming the incident was trolling the guy in the seat in front of him, ultimately, this man had zero right over this guy's window. You only have control over the window in your allocated row. Not the one in the row in front of you. Yes. Even if the light is shining directly onto your face, you are not allowed to do anything. Stay in your lane, basically. 

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More importantly though, when the crew tells you to keep your window shade open, it's not just for their own health. It's for your safety.

Travel and Leisure notes that leaving the window shade up during take-off and descent is a measure put in place to ensure there's no reason to evacuate - i.e. the crew needs to see whether it's safe and that there are no immediate threat to the passengers on board. 

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