WATCH | Passenger slaps Toks van de Linde's wife during in-flight argument

2019-10-22 06:42
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Selective focus shot in an airplane

Confined spaces like that of a plane might cause some passengers to be a bit hot under the collar.

But one individual made the serious mistake of not only swearing at the wife of former South African rugby players Toks van der Linde - he also slapped her. 

Carol van der Linde described in a Facebook post how an altercation over language ended in the man being arrested and removed from the plane. 

"This aggressive man started recording me when they told him to move back to his original seat," explains Carol.

The flight attendants had just finished briefing the passengers sitting in the emergency exits on what needs to be done during an in-flight emergency.

Toks also vented on social media, sharing the clip in which the man calls his wife a "horrible bitch". 

"He pretended to not understand English when I asked him to just do what the hostess asked," says Carol emphasising that the flight attendants had been "speaking English since they’ve moved" to the seats for the explanation.

The man apparently started filming Toks' wife after she asked him to move back after the emergency exit briefing had ended. 

"I decided to record him back after which he hit me." 

Carol also thanked fellow passenger Gary Broom on Facebook, as well as security who came to aid her following the man's use of crude language and abusive behaviour.   

Mango says it is investigating the incident.