WATCH: Nonchalant mule trots through airport departure lounge

2019-07-25 08:44
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It's not often that wildlife makes it into the actual airport were humans roam free.

On the runway, maybe, as airport can be surrounded by wildlife. But a wild animal entering a departure lounge? That's pretty damn rare. 

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Recently, videos were shared online of a mule trotting around the Terminal 1 departure lounge at Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion Airport in Israel. The animal looked almost bored, it was that calm and chilled out. 

A superior animal roaming among mere peasant humans!

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The nonchalant animal was not tagged or identified as a police horse, so finding its rightful owner or handler was a tricky task, says Travel and Leisure. 

Later, the animal was safely removed from the airport - and the natural order of things were restored. 

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