WATCH: Man uses bare feet to scroll through entertainment system on a plane

2019-07-16 10:23 - Gabi Zietsman
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Bare feet - one of the worst offences committed on a plane. I know we all want to be comfortable, but there are certain levels of etiquette that should be adhered to on a plane. 

Sometimes the offending feet are tucked away next to you under the seat, sometimes they impose themselves on the armrest in front of them - but in this video shared on Twitter, new levels are reached that will make you wonder if this is how it ends?

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The video shows one man casually using his bare feet to SWIPE through a plane's entertainment system. 


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The American crime novelist who thrust this horror onto the world only shared it yesterday, but it already stands at four million views.

In a follow-up tweet, Burke says, "Y’all, my nephew texted me and says he thinks this will start a trend now. I hate everything."


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