WATCH: Jennifer Aniston's reaction to finding herself in economy is too funny!

2016-10-06 12:59 - Anje Rautenbach
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Cape Town - Jennifer Aniston is back in the air as she takes center stage in yet another Emirates Airlines commercial to showcase the high-end comforts of the A380 aircraft - and there's even a hashtag to prove it.

The American sweetheart returns to the lap of Emirates’ world-class luxury after a viral, and quite controversial, commercial which humorously poked at the high-end life of the rich and the famous. In the previous ad the Hollywood star wandered around the aircraft in search of a shower only to be laughed at by the cabin crew.  After being told that she was not on an Emirates flight, Anniston woke up from an economy class nightmare in her private suite followed by a visit to the Onboard Lounge.

The Emirates’ Divisional Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications, Marketing & Brand, Boutros Boutros, explained: “A year ago, when we launched our first ad featuring Jennifer Aniston, we were overwhelmed by what a social phenomenon it became. The humour resonated with audiences around the world, and the ad was viewed by millions of people, generating thousands of conversations. Fans of both Emirates and Jennifer loved her effortless charm and humour, and enjoyed a story that deviated from traditional airline advertising. “

 “We were overrun with requests to see Jennifer again. She has an enduring, universal appeal that is at once sophisticated, but also down to earth – a great match for our brand. This new ad perfectly captures the fun, spontaneity and glamour of flying on Emirates, and we are confident audiences will find it as memorable as the first.”

While the previous commercial just focused on the luxury of the private First Class suite, the new campaign has a more universal approach with the help of an economy class passenger, Cooper, a young boy who is co-starring alongside Jennifer.

The ad starts with Jennifer using the Shower facilities and upon return to her private suite she founds Cooper playing around with his A380 model aircraft plane, inviting the Friends star to be his co-pilot on his journey back to his parents in economy class.

The two passengers walk through the luxurious First Class suites into the luxurious Business Class section on the upper deck where Cooper shares his aspirations of becoming a pilot one day. They make a pit stop at the Onboard Lounge – a feature available for First and Business Class passengers – for carrot juice before Jen returns the boy to his family.

But Anniston does not return to her seat. Instead she happily finds herself next to her new friend, in economy class, engrossed by the online entertainment system while Cooper’s mother is sinking into the comforts of Jen’s private suite.

Just like the previous commercial, she expresses her desire to be in the air a little bit longer to enjoy everything Emirates has to offer, the best plane according the Cooper as well as the 2016 Skytrax World Airline Awards.

The ad for the Emirates A380 was directed by Oscar-nominee Bryan Buckley, who is known for directing multiple commercials for the Super Bowl in the United States. The script and creative concept was a collaboration between Buckley and Emirates’ in-house advertising team and produced in conjunction with the WPP Group.

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