WATCH: Horrified passengers film plane engine shooting flames shortly after takeoff

2019-11-28 10:35 - Marisa Crous
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This is what true nightmares are made of. 

A Philippine Airlines Boeing 777 bound for Manila took off from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) at 11:45. At 12:00 it was back on the ground. Why? The plane's engine started spewing flames shortly after takeoff.

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The horrified passengers on-board looked on as this 'technical glitch' played itself out right outside their windows: 

Reuters reports that the plane started shooting flames as it was experiencing engine failure. Luckily, it made a safe emergency landing and all crew and passengers could disembark the plane using the normal airplane stairs. 

But this is not the first such incident experienced by Boeing 777. IOL reports that in September, another Boeing 777 plane operated by Air China was forced to return to Dulles International Airport after reporting a similar engine fire.

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