WATCH | Fred the tiny service horse landed a spot in First Class

2020-02-23 06:45 - Marisa Crous
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Say 'hello' to Fred! This miniature horse was recently afforded the opportunity to fly First Class with his owner, Ronica Froese, from Grand Rapids in Michigan with a connecting flight in Dallas, before landing in Ontario in California. They were going on holiday in Los Angeles, and Ronica went through some intensive training with Fred, in order for him to be 'the perfect passenger'. 

Usually an emotional support animal doesn't have to pay for its own seat, but because Fred is a bit bigger than, say a cat, Ronica booked two seats as she said she wanted Fred to be comfy.  

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He seemed more than happy and enjoyed the flight with his owner. He even posed with the pilot!

As this was a domestic First Class cabin, Fred did not get to recline his chair or hide away in his pod sipping on French Champagne, rather he just chilled quietly snacking from his owner's hand at times. 

However, according the CBS News, Ronica is now concerned that this might just have been Fred's first, and last flight. The Department of Transportation is currently in the process of amending the guidelines of its emotional-support animals, to ensure that those flying with service animals really need them and that, above all, that the animals can be safely accommodated on planes.

Lets hope Fred gets to enjoy many more flights along with Ronica!

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