WATCH: Footage shows crash site of Russian plane carrying 71 people

2018-02-11 17:59
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Russian plane wreckage. (Photo: YouTube)

Moscow — A Russian passenger plane believed to be carrying 71 people has crashed near Moscow, shortly after take-off from one of the city's airports.

The plane crashed on Sunday afternoon, 11 February 40 kilometres from Moscow's Domodedovo Airport.

Russia's transport minister says there are no survivors from the crash.

Russian officials say all passengers aboard the airliner are believed to have been residents of the region that was the plane's destination.

The Saratov Airlines An-148 reportedly was carrying 65 passengers and 6 crew members as it took off from Moscow to Orsk, the second-largest city in the Orenburg region along the border with Kazakhstan.

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The An-148 regional jet disappeared from radar screens.

Plane fragments were found in the Ramenskoye area 40 kilometres from the airport. Footage on Russian state television showed them strewn across a snowy field with no buildings nearby.

See the footage here:

Russia's state news agency Tass says the passenger airliner had been flying since 2010, with a two-year break because of a shortage of parts.

The plane, an Antonov An-148 jet, was ordered by Rossiya Airlines, a subsidiary of Aeroflot, but was put into storage during 2015-2017 because of a lack of parts. Tass reports it re-entered service for Saratov Airlines in February 2017.

The jet was developed by Ukraine's Antonov company in the early 2000s, and was manufactured in both Ukraine and Russia.

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