WATCH: Dad on holiday saves plane from major delays when original pilot goes missing

2019-09-06 11:45 - Marisa Crous
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A commercial plane is pretty screwed when it has no pilot to fly it. Expect delays. Expect it to be cancelled. 

UK dad, Michael Bradley, and an easyJet pilot, was on his way to Manchester airport to fly off on holiday to Spain with his wife and son. Arriving, he found himself in a rather unique situation.

The easyJet flight from Manchester, England to Alicante in Spain was delayed because the original pilot failed to show up. The flight was severely delayed and was in jeopardy of being cancelled. 

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According to Travel and Leisure, Bradley then phoned easyJet to tell then he is prepared to pilot the plane even though he was off-duty. The only issue was that he didn't have his uniform on. easyJet officials told him they'll call him back. Then, 30 minutes later he was given the go-ahead! 

One passenger recalls the gate official telling her '...oh your pilots gone missing but a guy that's going on your flight is going to fly the plane ??' REALLY CASUALLY!!!', just before boarding. 

Watch the above video to see the moment pilot Bradley addresses the passengers. 

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