WATCH | Canadian plane loses wheel just after take-off

2020-01-06 08:45
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Flights can be stressful enough - and seeing a plane lose a part just after take-off will take that stress to another level.

The scary moment when an Air Canada Express flight lost a wheel shortly after take-off was captured on video by one of 49 passengers, who spotted sparks flying before the wheel flew off. 

According to CNN, the Dash 8-300 plane - on its way to Bagotville from Montreal-Trudeau International Airport on Friday - was forced to turn back, and while emergency services were dispatched, the plane landed safely and no one was harmed.

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The passenger known as 'Tom' added: "So, well, I'm currently on a plane that has just lost a wheel ... 2020 starts pretty well."

A spokesperson for Jazz Aviation, the operator of the flight, told CNN that the pilots "maintained complete control of the aircraft" and responded in accordance with their operating procedures in the case of such incidents. 

The plane is currently undergoing inspection to find the cause of the malfunction as well as being repaired, concluded the spokesperson.

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