WATCH: Airport dancer returns taking in-flight entertainment to new heights

2017-12-18 14:25 - Unathi Nkanjeni
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(Photo: Facebook)

Cape Town - If you thought entertainment at an airport is just limited to food and Wi-Fi, then you are wrong. 

The 'crazy tarmac dancer', Kyran Ashford is back on the runway, guiding planes and busting moves. 

The world was first introduced to Ashford in October 2017. He was discovered having fun directing planes on the tarmac, as a Southwest Airlines flight departed Rochester for Nashville in the US. 

A musician, Terry McBride happened to capture footage of Ashford breaking it down as he directed the flight out on the runway.

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Whether it is a long layover or a sad farewell, Ashford makes sure that when you take off, you are leaving with a smile.

And if you not on holiday yet, this is sure to banish your Monday blues. Check it out:

Not only is Ashford a dancer, but he can spit a rhyme or two. He rapped through a boarding procedure behind an airport desk and had everyone cheering him on. He is well known in Rochester for his entertainment skills. He is a performer and positive person at heart. 

Watch video of him rapping:

In-flight entertainment 

One unidentified man was captured on video, by fellow passenger Mike Vadala, taking up a joke from Southwest Airlines staff that passengers would have to sing in order to ask a question. 

He decided to belt out No Diggity from Blackstreet over their loudspeakers, to the thunderous cheers of his fellow passengers. Dance moves were heavily involved.

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Meanwhile, AirAsia flight attendant Assraf Nasir has turned into an internet sensation after a video that was taken by a friend saw him recreating the iconic music video for Britney Spears’ Toxic.

Nasir's performance has since gone viral with over 9 million views - where he is seen talking on the phone, walking up and down the aisles of the empty flight, dancing against doors, and pushing a trolley as Spears does in the original video back in 2009.

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