WATCH | This passenger's contortions on a plane are mind boggling

2019-11-05 11:50
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Flying can be tough on your body, stiff muscles forming from sitting in one place for way too long.

But one passenger has got just the routine for you - even if you might hit another passenger with your foot!

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The video, shared by Passenger Shaming, showed an older woman performing some jaw-dropping manoeuvres during a flight, with one very confused passenger behind her filming it.

Feet up in the air - WITH HEELS - and moving her legs in positions that I wasn't even able to do as a child, she's either flying goals or the object of scorn from those who happen to sit next to her.

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The whole Instagram account however is just filled with pure gold, and one million followers can't seem to get enough of people being awful on flights. 

From bare feet to airing dirty socks to even doing a full-on manicure - Passenger Shaming will find photographic evidence of people you've only heard stories of, making it the perfect account when you feel like raging at the world.

As long as you're not the one being shamed.

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*Compiled by Gabi Zietsman

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