Viral videos: What to do when stuck at the airport

2017-10-11 11:26 - Gabi Zietsman
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Cape Town - While waiting for your flight at the airport, why not do a sing and dance?

Whether you missed your flight, get delayed or just have a long stopover, you can very quickly get despondent at the amount of time on your hands with little to no entertainment.

These viral superstars however did not let it get them down. They just turned to music to uplift their spirits, and those of other weary passengers and airport staff around them.

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One unidentified man was captured on video, by fellow passenger Mike Vadala, taking up a joke from Southwest Airlines staff that passengers would have to sing in order to ask a question.

He decided to belt out No Diggity from Blackstreet over their loudspeakers, to the thunderous cheers of his fellow passengers. Dance moves were heavily involved.

Many commenters applauded his bravery, and expressed a need to take a trip to the airport to have their own time to shine.

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Mahshid Masooji also turned to music when she missed her connecting flight in Charlotte, and instead of moping about the whole night she decided to make a dance video with fellow passengers and airport staff to the Lionel Richie classic All Night Long.

Lionel Richie even shared the video and complimented her on her moonwalk.

Safe to say she got everyone smiling and made time disappear until her next flight.

So next time you feel like screaming into the void while waiting for your next flight, rather get down with some good tunes and fun people.

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