Travellers from Las Vegas can now dump their marijuana in bins before flights

2018-02-27 19:00 - Gabi Zietsman
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Cape Town - 'Amnesty' bins have been installed at McCarran airport in Las Vegas where weed consumers can dispose of their leftover pot before their flights.

Although marijuana has been legal in the US state of Nevada since July last year, sin city Las Vegas's county banned the recreational drug from airports. Many travellers tended to forget about their joints when entering the airport, or instead tried to finish smoking it outside. 

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Las Vegas Sun reports that the bins were bolted to the ground as a reminder to passengers to dispose of legally bought weed and to save officials' time inside the airport. You are legally only allowed about 28 grams of marijuana on your person, which will only lead to a citation and confiscation inside the airport, but more than the legal amount could get you charged with felony possession.

Desperate stoners also wouldn't be able to scrounge around the bins for a hit - you can only drop in the weed, and your hand won't be able to get anything out. The bins will also be closely monitored and cleaned out regularly. 

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Thirteen have been installed so far, with seven more bins to be installed at other smaller airports in the county. 

If anyone would use these boxes instead of opting to fly high remains to be seen.

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