Too far? Passenger fakes pregnancy to avoid paying for excess luggage

2019-11-04 14:50 - Marisa Crous
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People have gone to extreme lengths to avoid paying for stuff. Once, a passenger wore 15 layers of clothing just to avoid paying for check-in luggage. Now, one woman has taken it even further. 

CNN reports that Aussie, Rebecca Andrews opted to create a faux pregnancy bump using just her laptop and its charger. She did so to avoid paying the $60 (R888) for excess luggage on local Australian airline, Jetstar.

So proud of her bright idea, she even posted this as a 'travel hack' to her Instagram account - showing the entire world her trickery. 

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Couldn't she have chosen a softer item to layer her stomach with, though? That laptop and cord looks super uncomfortable to be honest. Must really dig into your back as you sit on those narrow airplane seats. Yoh. 

But, in the end, her fake belly didn't hold up. An air hostess saw her laptop peeking out of her clothing and confronted her. She ended up having to pay for the overweight carry-on in the end, however, she told CNN that she still felt like a badass. 

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