This might be the world's most comfortable Economy Class

2019-07-15 05:30 - Marisa Crous
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Technically, you don't need to be that comfortable on a short domestic trip from, say, Cape Town to Johannesburg or from Tokyo to Fukuoka. But then again, why not be comfortable? 

In the past, Asian airlines have been voted as having some of the world's best Economy Classes. With better leg-room, more baggage space and higher food quality, airlines like Cathay Pacific Airways and Thai Airways were voted as some of the best in the game by passengers on Skytrax in 2018.

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Now, fresh and ready for the upcoming 2020 Japan Olympics is the Economy Class to rival all Economy Classes.

The Japan Airlines Airbus A350 long-haul experience will be available on domestic routes, says Travel and Leisure. That means even if the flight is just an hour or two you still get an international, long-haul experience complete with lower cabin altitude, larger windows to admire that incredible Japanese landscape, more space overhead for baggage, free wi-fi, plus all passengers get access to in-flight entertainment!

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Another unusual feature is that the Economy seats are 17.3-inch wide (43,9 cm). Standard Economy seats are 17-inch (43,1 cm). Those few centimetres make a massive difference.

That flight might just whizz by faster than Wayde van Niekerk. 

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