This flight just produced zero waste - here's how it was made possible

2019-05-09 11:05
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No more plastic cups! Straws or plastic cutlery!

Qantas is not only the world's safest airline, but now it's also one of the world's leading airlines in sustainability.

This week, flight QF739 from Sydney to Adelaide, a two-hour journey, became the world's first-ever 100% waste-free flight. Yes, the Aussie airline produced absolutely zero landfill waste, says Travel and Leisure. 

But how you might ask. 

Especially considering that most airlines currently produce around 80 Boeing 747 jumbo jets full of waste annually, according to Qantas CEO, Andrew David; this is quite a feat. 

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No single-use plastic items were used, and at the end of the flight the crew sorted all waste according to what was compost, recyclable or reusable. Plus passengers ate their meals from plates made of sugar cane and cutlery that was made of crop starch. 

So you can eat your meal and then eat your plate!

Passengers were also encouraged by the airline to make use of digital boarding passes and electronic bag tags for their luggage. And any paper boarding passes used for this flight were recycled afterwards. 

The airline hopes to save on up to 100 million single-use items by 2020. Hoorah for a cleaner future in flight! 

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