The cheapest Business Class tickets from South Africa if you want to tick it off your bucket list

2019-10-10 08:03 - Gabi Zietsman
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Non-stop bubbly, gourmet food and the ability to actually sleep on a plane - Business Class is the dream for many avid travellers. 

Unfortunately, the ticket price will leave you rethinking your grandiose plans, unless you work for a company willing to foot the bill.

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But it doesn't need to stay indefinitely on your bucket list - sales, shorter flights and snooping around the internet might just snag you that coveted Business Class ticket - and maybe still have some leftover to spend in the destination.

To help you look for the best deals, we had a look at the price of a Business Class ticket with airlines that fly direct to their hubs from Johannesburg. The dates used was April 2020, flying on a Tuesday (normally the cheapest time to fly) and returning a week later. 

Judged on the average price and the average flying time, we worked out the average value of the ticket price per hour, and ranked our airlines accordingly. The cheapest was African carrier Ethiopian Airlines, followed by Rwandair and Air Mauritius.

The most expensive Kenya Airways, followed by South African Airways judged on a flight to Ghana's Accra. 

While prices will fluctuate depending on date and demand, this is a good starting point when searching for cheapest Business Class tickets from South Africa, as well as how much you might have to save up to fly high in style.

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*Prices were checked on Skyscanner and the airline's website on 9 October 2019.

Ethiopian Airlines

Destination: Addis Ababa

Price: R13 700 

Hours one-way: 5.5 hours

Price per hour: R2 490


Destination: Kigali

Price: R10 600 

Hours one-way: 4 hours

Price per hour: R2 650 

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Air Mauritius

Destination: Mauritius

Price: R13 400

Hours one-way: 4.5 hours

Price per hour: R2 980

Etihad Airways

Destination: Abu Dhabi

Price: R27 000

Hours one-way: 8 hours

Price per hour: R3 375

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Destination: Frankfurt

Price: R40 200

Hours one-way: 10.5 hours

Price per hour: R3 830

Air Seychelles

Destination: Mahé

Price: R20 000

Hours one-way: 5 hours

Price per hour: R4 000

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Destination: Amsterdam

Price: R47 500

Hours one-way: 11 hours

Price per hour: R4 320

Turkish Airlines

Destination: Istanbul

Price: R43 500

Hours one-way: 10 hours

Price per hour: R4 350

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British Airways

Destination: London

Price: R48 000 

Hours one-way: 11 hours

Price per hour: R4 360 

Qatar Airways

Destination: Doha

Price: R41 723

Hours one-way: 9 hours

Price per hour: R4 640

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Destination: Dubai

Price: R40 382

Hours one-way: 8 hours

Price per hour: R5 050

South African Airways

Destination: Accra

Price: R41 255

Hours one-way: 6 hours

Price per hour: R6 880

Kenya Airways

Destination: Nairobi

Total Price: R28 800

Hours one-way: 4 hours 

Price per hour: R7 200

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