#ShamelessPassengers: How not to stay active mid-flight

2018-11-15 09:15
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The grind doesn't stop when you're a Crocs-wearing, high-flying, world-travelling, push-up doing master of the goddamn universe. It's not easy being awesome.  

Yeah, you jet around the world all the time but you’ve never experienced anything that would make you believe that blood clots or reduced blood circulation pose any danger to you.

Well, unfortunately, medical professionals say otherwise. Thus those safety pamphlets in front of you with the illustrations of mid-flight exercises you can do.

The person in the below video seems to have taken these risks very seriously or perhaps they're simply just a beast, living that CrocFit life 365. 

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What is deep vein thrombosis?

Speaking to Health24, Dr Pete Vincent of the Netcare Travel Clinics and Medicross Family Medical and Dental Centre, Tokai, warned that sitting still for long periods of time while travelling in aircraft, trains or motor vehicles can cause some individuals to suffer blood clotting, or deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

Some individuals may develop blood clots and not even be aware of it because the clots dissipate harmlessly on their own. The danger is when the clots are large enough to block an important blood vessel in the leg or when they travel to the lungs and inhibit their ability to take in oxygen.

Generally, younger, healthier and more active individuals are less susceptible to this silent killer but it certainly wouldn’t hurt for frequent fliers to stay active and keep the blood flowing when flying around the world.

Just think twice about your hands and the floor of that frequently-used airplane.

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