Shameless Passengers set the internet alight. Would you sleep on a plane floor?

2019-08-05 16:30
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We've all been there at one point or another - having to deal with passengers that just break all the barriers when it comes to etiquette and personal space. 

Sometimes passengers have to fight back in their own way - as did this kid when faced with a woman's smelly feet, and not forgetting this guy who had just had enough with the middle-seat wrestling - with rather hilarious consequences. 

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However, a recent shameless passengers post share to Instagram has the internet talking up a storm. 

The post from July 30 details how a man and a woman were going to get some shuteye - no matter what it took. The caption on the post sarcastically reads, “QUESTION: Would you ever lay on the floor of an airplane? #mondaymood...(but in other news, dude seems awfully chivalrous!)”

The woman can be seen sleeping on the floor of the two-seat aisle, thankfully not in the walkway aisle of the plane - which we don't think would have been allowed. The 'chivalrous' man decided to take the higher stance - sprawling himself comfortably across the two seats. Right. 

The post has received in excess of 15 500 likes and a host of comments both for and against the couple's behaviour. 

One person joked, "The cheapest way to fly on a full flat bed haha.“ 

Another wrote, “If I was in economy and doing a 22 hour flight from Australia to UK, I would be trying to stretch out where ever I could to sleep , or likewise flying from Australia to US. More to the point it’s criminal that passengers are subjected to cramp seating in these long haul flights that you can’t even stretch your legs out. It’s known fact that people die from deep vein thrombosis, Seated or trying to sleep in a confined space for long periods is life threatening , the airlines should be made compulsory to have sleeping arrangements for everyone."

Others lamented the cleanliness of planes saying, "Knowing the way cabins are cleaned there's hardly any difference between aisles and seats." 

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"I wouldn’t even lay on the seat. Every surface in airplanes is filthy. I bring sanitizing wipes with me and wipe down everything around my seat when I fly and that still only makes me feel slightly better about touching anything," said another.  

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