Pilot forced to divert plane over North Atlantic Ocean after cockpit coffee spill

2019-09-14 13:00 - Marisa Crous
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Flying from Frankfurt in Germany to Cancún in Mexico over the North Atlantic Ocean earlier this year, the Airbus A330-243 operated by Condor, was diverted via The Republic of Ireland because of a very unfortunate cockpit fail. 

A coffee lid is like the seat-belt of a takeaway coffee cup. Yet, a pilot flying over the North Atlantic Ocean, carrying a full plane of people, i.e. 11 crew and 326 passengers, failed to protect his aircraft's equipment from the hot caffeinated liquid that filled his takeaway cup.

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CNN reports that the hot beverage was handed to him by a member of the cabin crew, he knocked it over and spilling the coffee onto the audio control panel. Subsequently, the panel became so hot it started melting. Not ideal for aircraft control equipment.  

The incident happened much earlier this year, however, it only came to light now. The Air Accidents Investigation Branch issued a report wherein it states that there were no injuries and that the airline had since changed its procedures to ensure cup lids are provided for flights on all routes.

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