PICS | This bowtie-wearing bunny in Business Class is way classier than you

2020-01-20 14:45
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If only it was bunnies that Samuel L Jackson had to deal with on a plane.

They definitely seem like they would make any flight a million times better with their cuteness, as proven by the very spoilt - but adorable - Coco. Photos of her trip from San Francisco to Japan in 2018 are going rightfully viral, showcasing the bowtie-wearing cutey sitting in Business Class next to her owner, Takako Ogawa. 

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According to Insider, Ogawa was moving from the US back to Japan and didn't want to leave Coco behind. She registered her as an emotional support animal and paid just over R1 400 to bring her on board in a special case.

But luckily for the bunny, there was no one sitting next to Ogawa in Business Class, so the flight attendants told her she can let Coco sit on the empty seat. Eventually she was treated to all the niceties of the high life, including snacking on a croissant. 

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Unfortunately she wouldn't be gracing another flight again - Coco is hitting the grand old age of nine and Ogawa thinks she's now too old to take such 'taxing' flights. 

That's one lucky rabbit!

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