PICS: Hollywood actor 'snitches' on passenger who refuses to remove his bare feet from seatback

2019-08-21 09:00 - Marisa Crous
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We were recently confronted by the video images of a passenger scrolling through his in-flight entertainment system, using his bare feet. It was disturbing. An image many of us wanted to unsee as soon as we saw it.

However, sadly it seems this kind of odd behaviour is becoming a trend as more and more people are slipping off their shoes, parading their toes, heels and dry feet skin on the back o plane seats for all to see. 

WATCH: Man uses bare feet to scroll through entertainment system on a plane

Andy Richter, American comedian and actor recently alerted the world to yet another such case by tweeting about an incident that occurred in-flight. A passenger sitting close to him kept putting his feet up on the seatback monitor. And apparently after several requests to the flight attendant to put them down (on the ground where they belong - in shoes!), the passenger shamelessly places them right back up. 

If anything, this is the greatest disrespect to your fellow passengers, who not only have to share a public space such as a plane cabin with you, but they also have to breathe in the air that surrounds your feet!

No, man. 

We are very glad Andy snitched on this passenger, however, we really, honestly hope feet stay where they belong during a flight, in shoes. Even that dog looks ashamed. 

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