PIC: The real story behind this photo of a passenger sitting on backless plane seat

2019-08-07 16:30
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How on earth did this seat end up with no back?

An easyJet flight from Luton Airport in England to Geneva in Switzerland caused quite a bit of online controversy this week. 

A picture of a passenger sitting in a row with backless seats went viral, sparking outrage on social media over the safety on board this budget airline. 

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Originally shared by passenger, Matthew Harris, the airline asked him to remove the picture from Twitter while it investigated the matter: 

However, social media was kind of wrong about this incident. The passenger who planted her tushy on the seat did it all for the picture, guys! According to the Mirror, the airline didn't actually assign any of these broken seats to passengers. The seats were awaiting repair, which is why these signs were placed on the seats: 

The airline did, however, acknowledge later that the area of backless seats weren't blocked off - something that probably should've been done. Mainly to save silly passengers from themselves, I'd say.

Only question that haunts us now is: What kind of crazed fight occurred on board for the backs of these seats to be absent? Did someone recline too far back? Was the victim of the reclining incident already on his third vodka at the time - and the two just didn't mix well? Most probably, yes.

Recliner-victim rage is a very real condition, people! 

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