PIC: People are really confused over the dessert served on Air Force One

2019-10-30 11:45
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It's almost Halloween and time for sweet treats, pumpkins and dressing up. Air Force One, however, just served up the David Lynch special...

Travel and Leisure reports that a group of journos who were travelling on Air Force One this week were served a spookier dessert than they initially bargained for.

One journalist tweeted a picture of their meal, a yellow stuffed bell pepper cut out to look like a smiley Halloween face with a side salad. But the creepy-looking dish that accompanied this meal - the dessert, everyone is speculating - made Twitter react as it more closely resembles a bunch of slaptjips caught in a spider's cobweb than a dessert. 

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The reactions are hilarious: 

It's most certainly some apple, bread and butter dessert with icing sugar. Unfortunately, it just came out looking like Trump's missing shrivelled heart, as one tweeter pointed out.  Only less orange...

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