PIC: Cracked airplane window 'fixed' with tape raises passenger safety concerns

2019-11-13 07:16
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"Safety is our utmost concern," says Spicejet airline to a complaint that a cracked aircraft window, on flight SG8152 from Mumbai to Delhi, was found taped together. 

Passenger, Hariharan Sankaran had the unfortunate pleasure of getting this particular window seat. Not ideal. But the crack obstructing his view was not his biggest concern, however, as his attention was firmly fixed on whether this was safe or not, tweeting: 

SpiceJet replied later saying, "Hi Hariharan, at SpiceJet, safety is our utmost concern and at no point in time does the airline compromise on the same. We shall surely convey this to the concerned head for necessary action. The inconvenience caused is regretted."

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Surely, airtight plane windows are essential in order to maintain the correct air pressure inside the cabin? Surely. 

Sankaran further enquired, asking "If there is a cello tape pasted, means someone has seen it and aware of the situation."

BOOM! This passenger is on fire. 

To which the airline responded, "We would like to update you that the crack was on the inner flexi pane and was fixed the same day. The purpose of the inner pane is to protect the window from scratches. The inner pane doesn't carry structural pressurization loads."

Mmmm...not exactly what we as passengers look for, but okay.

Travel and Leisure says that last year, in a very rare event, a window cracked mid-flight on a Southwest flight, partially sucking a passenger out the window. This killed her instantly. 

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But it seems that SpiceJet is slightly notorious for using tape to 'fix' broken parts of their planes as another passenger points out: 

Might want to rethink that safety strategy, guys. 

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