OR Tambo passengers to get silent treatment

2017-11-13 07:57 - Gabi Zietsman
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Cape Town - OR Tambo International Airport will be silencing their public address microphone for domestic flights, except for irregular operations.

From 15 November, the airport will no longer make announcements regarding boarding calls and missing checked-in passengers. Terminal announcements will only be made when issues arise like a change in flight time and boarding gates, security matters, system failures and other irregularities. 

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Airport spokesperson Leigh Gunkel-Keuler says this an effort in reducing the noise pollution at airports.

“We have noted that a consistent issue for passengers in independent customer surveys is noise levels in airports. A particular concern for customers is the number and frequency of calls to board and calls for individual passengers who have checked in and then apparently gone missing,” says Gunkel-Keuler.

She adds that many airports have already adopted this 'silent airport' policy and hopes that this move will provide passengers with a better experience.

“We trust that passengers will exercise vigilance and appreciate their individual responsibilities in going to the boarding gate and boarding the aircraft in good time."

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