New interconnected technology on Airbus will let you pre-book overhead bin space and beverages

2019-04-04 15:00 - Gabi Zietsman
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Imagine you could personalise your next flight - from the way you like your seat to the type of entertainment you want to consume.

Plane cabins are on their way to catching up to the digital needs of today's travellers, but the newest innovation from Airbus might make the industry and its passengers rethink the way they fly.

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At the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, the plane company announced that their 'Airbus Connected Experience' Internet of Things platform will be moving from a concept phase to reality.

This platform will link in real-time interconnected core cabin components, including the galleys, meal trolleys, seats, overhead bins and other cabin elements. This information will be available to crew as well as provide airlines with trends to decipher for predictive maintenance, and passengers will also have more power to customise their flight.

The first range where it will be rolled out will be in the A320 series before being extended into the rest of the Airbus family.

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Here are some of the new perks that passengers can look forward to:

  • You will be able to pre-order your preferred food and beverages before you even board the plane by predicting what would be available on the flight. This will also help cabin crew reduce waste on flights as well as let passengers communicate with their flight attendants remotely leading to more efficient service. 
  • Your seat will also get smarter - you'd be able to set personalised seat position settings via your phone and you can expect more customised content on the entertainment system geared towards your interests.
  • The overhead bins will also get an upgrade - it will help flight attendants and passengers by indicating where there's free space and could let passengers pre-book space for their carry-on baggage.
  • The platform will allow wireless streaming to passengers and for airlines to host third-party applications for movies.

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Soeren Scholz, Airbus’ SVP Cabin & Cargo Programme, sees this as part of the push for airlines to improve efficiencies and reliability.

“This seamless inter-connectivity within the cabin will also be of tremendous benefit to passengers who will be able to enjoy individually tailored, personalised and high-quality inflight service.”

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