'Most terrifying experience of my life': Flames seen shooting out of engine on Newark - LA flight

2020-01-17 10:14
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A United Airlines flight proved to be a harrowing experience for passengers who started screaming when flames started shooting out of the engine.

The flight was taking off from Newark on its way to Los Angeles when an engine failed right after takeoff, with sparks and flames visible from the plane's windows, reports The Independent. 

One passenger tweeted that the flight had been delayed beforehand for maintenance issues. 

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Another Twitter user replied saying that he had seen the whole commotion from the ground in a parking lot at an inn. "The noises from the plane sounded like five or six explosions. That combined with the flashes of fire from the engine was frightening."

But the most terrifying post from the flight's passengers came from Gabrielle Guzy, who shared a video of the flames sparking from the engine.

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The plane ended up returning to the airport for an emergency landing, with all on board safe and sound. United Airlines spokesperson only told NorthJersey.com that the plane returned due to 'a mechanical issue'.

Near the end of last year, another plane from the Philippines also had to make an emergency landing after flames started spurting from the engine.

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