Man removed from JetBlue flight for attacking passengers was not charged

2017-12-14 09:30
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Las Vegas — Police say an airline passenger who was removed from a Los Angeles-to-New York flight for causing a disturbance that prompted a diversion to Las Vegas last weekend, was not charged with a crime.

It has not been confirmed if the passenger was not charged for the disturbance due to a mental illness.

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A JetBlue statement doesn't describe the disturbance, but passengers who shared cellphone video with KCBS-TV in Los Angeles say the man hit and bit other passengers late on Sunday, 10 December, on Flight 1224 until he was restrained.

"The man suddenly began biting his seatmates – whom he apparently knew – and hitting others," says CBS Los Angeles, adding that "Doctors on the flight tried to help by examining the passenger, but were also attacked". 

See the video here:

Las Vegas police Officer Larry Hadfield says the man was met by officers after the unscheduled landing at McCarran International Airport, but no police report was taken and no arrest was made.

JetBlue says passengers stayed on the plane and it finished the trip to New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport.

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