Future cabin toilets to notify crew when passengers spend 'unusual amount of time' in bathroom

2019-10-04 08:45 - Marisa Crous
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Going to the loo on a plane might soon become and even more stressful part of your journey.

The awkwardness of asking the passenger next to you if they mind getting up because you need to go to the WC. That look he gives you and then an audible sigh. He gets up, stows his tray table, unclips and gets up. Utter disdain. 

You work your way through the narrow aisle towards the cabin's bathroom. Of course, there's a queue. And you really have to go after drinking all of that water they always advise you to consume at 40 000 feet in the air. Hydrate! Hydrate!

Now imagine this, a camera monitors you as you wait outside the lavatory, shifting from one foot to the other, knyping. Then, when you finally enter the tiny cubicle that smells like old feet, you feel pressured for time. You want to wash you face, maybe brush your teeth, maybe number 2 - but is there time?! You wonder, anxiously. 

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Brace yourself for a future of an all-knowing plane experience that monitors you, and your every need. In an effort to provide passengers with a more full-rounded, satisfactory trip, this October, Airbus unveiled what they believe to be the future of flight, the Airspace Connected Experience, says CNN. 

Think high-tech gadgets that ensure you are a) safe at all times and b) guarantees your every need is catered to. Monitoring devices like cameras and sensors will track your every move - it will even keep check-up to see how much toilet paper and soap are left in each bathroom, whether your seatbelt is unclipped when the seatbelt light is switched on and show you when the overhead luggage bins are full as it will illuminate in red.

Luckily, according to Airbus, cameras positioned outside the loo won't capture your face, Travel and Leisure reports. Sure the CCTV people won't see your face, but the crew will still know you spent an 'unusual amount of time' in the bathroom as sensors will alert someone to check up on you.

But what is an unusual amount of time? This is still unclear.

Just imagine exiting the toilet after 10 minutes spent with your bum planted to the toilet, being faced with and a flight attendant who wrinkles her nose and says, 'Oh, we were getting worried. You were in there...SO long.' 

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A new kind of flight shame? I think so. 

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