Flights to Lagos hampered by low visibility from dusty winds

2020-02-17 08:45
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If you're flying to Nigeria's capital, there might be a chance of your flight being diverted. 

Lagos's airport has been caught up in the annual Harmattan Haze for the last several days - when dust and wind reduce planes' visibility to land. 

Airlines like Emirates, Delta and British Airways have diverted their flights, with the former suspending all flights to Muhammed International Airport until their Instrument Landing System is fixed, according to This Day Live. 

Most flights have been diverted to Accra in Ghana, where many passengers have been stranded, or back to their origin. 

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On Sunday the airport tweeted that visibility is at 1 700m and that flights are operating with fewer cancellations and delays.

"Continue to maintain close contact with your airline for the latest flight information and assistance," added the airport. 

The weather causing the delays is an annual seasonal occurrence that takes places from November to March, when wind blowing from the Sahara Desert brings dust across West Africa into the Gulf of Guinea. The haze caused by it can block out the sun and is well-known to affect flights. 

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