Everything is awesome: Turkish Airlines’ new Lego safety video is to fly for

2018-08-04 18:00 - Thinus Ferreira
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Turkish Airlines LEGO safety video

Watch Turkish Airlines' new hilarious in-flight safety video! (Photo: Supplied)

Make sure your tray table is stowed and your seatback is in the upright position and then watch Turkish Airlines’ brilliant new in-flight safety video that decided to do away with boring by incorporating The Lego Movie characters for something you actually want to watch.

While more and more international airlines are ramping up their efforts in a whole new arms race for the most viral in-flight safety instructions video, Turkish Airlines is hitting it out of the park with its brand-new and brilliant in-flight video, telling stories with humour while giving passengers those dreadfully boring but must-tell safety instructions.

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Filled with in-jokes, oodles of self-deprecating humour about flying and in-flight service, famous character cameos and even a catchy song and musical number, Turkish Airlines has really outdone themselves with the help of Lego.

The almost 4-minute flashy safety video flies by and half the fun will be rewatching it because of the overload of foreground and background stuff happening that no passenger will be able to take in during just one viewing.

Turkish Airlines’ Lego Movie is quite blatant in telling viewers that it ticks all the boxes and contains “sensible airline approved humour”, B-list celebrity cameos, a not annoying “annoying safety song” and “overly earnest final remarks”. 

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Watch the hilarious ode to sky safety below:

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