EasyJet wants to use electric planes within a decade

2017-09-28 15:22
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Lodon — Budget airline easyJet will collaborate with an American company to develop a battery-powered plane it can use within a decade.

The airline says it's partnering with Wright Electric, which is developing a plane that will fly for under two hours, cutting emissions and noise.

The airline's CEO, Carolyn McCall, says "it is now more a matter of when, not if, a short-haul electric plane will fly."

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Wright Electric is working with several airlines and believes its planes will be 50% quieter and 10% cheaper for airlines to buy and operate.

Jeffrey Engler, Wright Electric co-founder, compared the idea to the late-President John F. Kennedy's declaration that he wanted to put a man on the moon. Engler says "setting a big goal allows people to try to reach it."

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