EasyJet reroutes Thessaloniki flights due to runway works

2017-12-01 16:58
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Thessaloniki, Greece — Budget airline easyJet says runway maintenance work at the airport in Greece's second city of Thessaloniki is forcing it to reroute passengers through alternative airports until 21 December at least.

An easyJet statement says Thessaloniki flights will be operated through Athens airport until 6 December, and Kavala airport from 7-21 December. Bus links will be provided for Thessaloniki passengers.

Thessaloniki airport's main runway is undergoing maintenance work, handled by the Greek government, through March 2018. The airline says on Friday, 01 December, Thessaloniki's temporary runway poses risks "not acceptable" to easyJet.

Thessaloniki officials say the runway works will harm key tourism revenues. Deputy Mayor Spyros Pengas told The Associated Press that the disruption will damage the city's reputation with travellers, and voiced hopes the works will finish on time.

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