Do you plastic-wrap your luggage at the airport? This airport just made it 'mandatory'

2019-07-23 09:00
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Pakistan's civil aviation watchdog has ordered all air travellers to have their checked baggage shrink-wrapped, drawing scorn and criticism from frequent flyers and environmentalists.

Shahrukh Nusrat, director general of Pakistan's Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), said Sunday that wrapping baggage was now "mandatory", and it was being done for "safety" purposes.

Passengers would have to pay 50 rupees (about US$0.31) per bag for the wrapping, Nusrat said in a statement.

"For this purpose, new plastic-wrapping machines are being installed on an urgent basis," he added.

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Pakistan's frequent flyers cast scorn on the edict, suggesting it had been introduced to enrich an unnamed company tasked with doing the wrapping.

"What is the logic for this requirement ...if this isn't legalised corruption," one angry traveller tweeted.

Asif Nawaz Shah, another social media critic, called the new policy a "corrupt profit-making endeavour".

Others suggested the quantity of plastic that would be needed was wasteful.

"Why is the #CAA destroying the #environment," tweeted Ayesha Tammy Haq, a lawyer and broadcast journalist.

Luggage-wrapping machines are a feature at many airports in Pakistan - and elsewhere in the world - but are usually used by passengers to prevent theft by light-fingered baggage handlers.

In South Africa, baggage pilfering is an issue at many airports. But with the rise of eco-tourism, more and more travellers are choosing not to use any products wrapped in plastic. Does this count when it comes to luggage? 

We asked South Africans whether they plastic-wrap their bags, here's what Twitter had to say: 

Seems that South African travellers are eco-conscious despite the threat of baggage pilfering! Or does it, perhaps, have more do to with the cost of the wrapping?

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