Child abuse on planes can create 'grey areas' for airlines

2017-12-27 11:46
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Las Vegas — Airlines have instituted procedures to help crews deal with violent passengers, but situations where a parent is potentially abusing a child are not so clear cut.

A JetBlue flight earlier this month continued to its final destination after three passengers reported a mother mistreating her 8-year-old son, including grabbing him by the neck and shoving him against a window as he cried.

The same day, the airline diverted a flight to Las Vegas after a man reportedly hit and bit other passengers.

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JetBlue didn't respond to requests for comment on the incident involving the child.

Travel industry analyst Henry Harteveldt says flight attendants are trained in how to de-escalate violent situations.

He says the case involving the boy is challenging because separating him from his mother or restraining her could've exacerbated the child's anxiety.

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