Chicken or beef? The Instagram account that rates airline food

2019-05-21 16:30
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Chicken or beef?

The old adage has been a favourite joke when talking about airline food, but not all airline food is created equal. 

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While the type of food varies drastically between Economy and First Class, it can also be completely different between airlines. Some pride themselves on their food selection, while others have a million-and-one options to suit every dietary requirement.

One Instagram account however provides a platform where everyone can share their foodselfies and see how it compares, asking its followers to give it a rating between one and 10.

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A few of Airplane Foodselfie's posts look like your average airline food, although Asian airlines have some fun with their food.

When it comes to Business and First Class meals, they just prove that the 1% live a completely different life to the rest of us peasants.

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And if you're an air foodie, this account is the best place to see which airline offers the best cuisine when flying to your next destination.

We wonder what rating South African Airways would get? 

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