Around the World in 50 hours: Average person takes 6.5 flights per year

2018-08-28 06:30 - Selene Brophy
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JetBlue joins other airlines in restricting support animals. (Photo: iStock)

If you're not taking at least 6.5 flights per year, you're clearly not getting enough inspiration and need to be reading more of Traveller24.

Seriously though, according to international bank HSBC, this is the number of flights taken by the average traveller.

At least the average traveller included in the nearly 12-million people around the world who are flying on any given day, as detailed by their research. 

HSBC says some 11.9 million people are flying daily – creating a make-shift virtual country in the sky. Dubbed the citizens of Skyland, they further estimate that the average traveller spends the equivalent of two full days and nights (about 50 hours) per year in the sky.

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The data is based on HSBC’s services to travellers across 67 markets, the leading international bank says “Flyland” is a virtual country in the sky with a population equivalent to that of Cuba.

There is an ever increasing desire to explore the world, they say, as ultra-long-haul journeys (flights over 12 hours) now account for almost one fifth of all flights (18 per cent). 

But where and how are they spending their time after a near weekend in the sky? 

According to the HSBC data, half of all respondents (50 per cent) prefer flying to undiscovered locations and a third (32 per cent) claim to actively avoid popular tourist hotspots.

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Despite this, HSBC says the people of Flyland are overwhelmingly positive about the benefits of flying, with the research finding that travel really does broaden the mind.

Nine in 10 air travellers (90 per cent) believe they now understand the world better, with 74 per cent claiming to be more tolerant and 66 per cent more patient as a result of frequent travel.

And there are personal benefits, too, with feeling more independent (81 per cent) and more confident (78 per cent) topping the list.

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