ALERT: Half of flights cancelled in Hong Kong due to city-wide strike

2019-08-05 09:01 - Gabi Zietsman
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On Monday morning half of all flights have been cancelled and rescheduled due to massive general strikes against police brutality and the Chinese extradition bill.

With over a hundred flights affected, the airport is inundated with long queues and stranded travellers. Many travellers have been told their flights have been rescheduled to the following day as more than 2 300 aviation workers join the pro-democracy strikes. 

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CNN broke down the numbers of aviation workers on strike:

  • About 30 air traffic controllers
  • 1 200 Cathay Pacific staff (including cabin crew and pilots)
  • 600 Dragon Air staff
  • 200 Hong Kong Airlines staff
  • 300 ground operation staff from Jardine Aviation Services

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The strike is also affecting transport throughout the city, as protesters are blocking train doors with umbrellas and their own bodies and cars are blocking roads.

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If you're travelling through the region, check with your airline if they are affected, especially if it's one of the airlines where workers are striking.

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