Airports of the future: 4 Cool airport updates around the world

2017-10-11 12:30 - Gabi Zietsman
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Cape Town - There are some interesting upgrades happening at airports in the Dominican Republic, USA, Singapore and Dubai.

The aviation industry is heading fast into the future, with airlines looking towards getting electric planes up in the airhover taxis in Dubai and the use of augmented-reality glasses for airport crew to speed up cargo loading.

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A couple of airports have announced some interesting plans to upgrade the passengers' experience - from building a pool for fliers next to the runway, turning an old terminal into a hotel, building a massive glass dome park, to facial scanning that can speed up security checks.

Perhaps we can get some of these upgrades to South African airports?

Have a splash next to the runway

Fancy having a dip while you wait for your flight? The Punta Cana airport in the Dominican Republic thinks that's exactly what passengers want, and have announced plans to build a pool right next to the runway, according to New York Post.

Designed by a local architect, only business-class passengers and certain club members will have free access, and the rest of us mortals can dip our toe in for $125 (R1 700) a person. Passengers will be able to start splashing in December.

Maybe only if it's hot enough.

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Famous JFK terminal to be turned into airport hotel

Rather than destroying the iconic but defunct Trans World Airlines Flight centre at JFK International Airport, the powers that be have decided to turn it into a new upmarket airport hotel.

It's been sitting unused since 2001 and private funding have made it possible for the hotel endeavor.

When the terminal first opened in 1962 with its red plush seats and curved architecture, it was at the forefront of airport designs common today, but had many operational problems. It will open its doors in 2019.

Bringing the chic back in aviation. 

Changi Airport and it's upcoming jewel dome

Changi Airport announced in June its plans for a new canopy park opening in 2019, and it just looks insane.

Encased in a glass dome, this indoors green park will be ten storeys high with a 40-metre indoor waterfall, which will transform into a light show at night. There will also be retailers, restaurants, a hotel and a freaking canopy maze to get lost in, and you can take a casual hike if you have time to kill through flower gardens and fake mist.

One ticket to Changi Airport please!

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Dubai's virtual video tunnels that scan your face

In an effort to reduce time spent at security checks, Dubai International Airport will be using facial scanning in virtual video tunnels to get passengers through quicker, according to The National.

The tunnel will have virtual fish and other entertainment to attract the visitor's eyes, making it easier for 80 cameras to take a scan of your whole face. This means that security officials can quickly be told if someone raises red flags or can pass through without a more thorough check. You can expect to start seeing them at Terminal 3 by 2018.

Facial scans seem to be the future for airport security. Good or bad?

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