Airport security will find heroin in your condom

2017-11-14 19:00 - Ishani Chetty
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Cape Town – As airport security tightens across the world, people are finding new and shockingly creative ways to smuggle illegal goods across the border.

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Size of his ‘package’

A man was recently detained at the Chennai International Airport for attempting to smuggle 100 grams of heroin that was concealed in a condom that he was wearing, Times of India reports. The man concerned was travelling to Colombo, Sri Lanka, and was stopped by Central Industrial Security Force guards (CISF).

While passing through airport security, a CISF guard’s attention was drawn to the size of the individual’s pelvic area. An airport official told Times of India that the CISF guards found that the pelvic area was unusually large while conducting a body search.

"When they checked, they found that he had concealed the heroin inside a condom he was wearing. It was held by a rubber band.”

Suddenly, 'is that a packet of heroin or are you just excited to see me' seems like a plausible reiteration of the famous one-liner.

The suspect has not been identified and according to the country's Civil Aviation rules and regulations – the case will be passed over to customs with legal repercussions.

Traveller Tips

South African airports have faced their fair share of bomb threats – kulula airlines have has four bomb threat hoaxes this year alone, highlighting the need for travellers to understand how to get through airport security smoothly.

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We have all heard it before - as you roll your luggage through to the check-in counter the rehearsed 'dangerous goods' speech starts: “Is there anything flammable in your luggage; are you carrying any sharp or dangerous items on your carry on...” and we all know the rest. This is done to ensure travellers adhere to the rules and regulations and to prevent any mishaps along the way. 

We compiled a list of the most confiscated items at OR Tambo airport as a reminder to double check your bag, or your nether regions, before you leave home.

1. Blades and razors

2. Corkscrews

3. Firearms and ammunition

4. Golf equipment

5. Knives, forks and scissors

6. Nail files and nail clippers

7. Ninja stars

8. Pocket knives

9. Safety pins and needles

10. Tools

11. Toy guns

This list also includes cheese and sausage, because they are indistinguishable from explosives in an X-ray machine; rather tell some cheesy jokes.

Make sure that you are prepared before entering security – place your electronic items in your bag and take out your laptop prior to approaching the metal detector. This can save you from the glaring stares of other passengers behind you as you unpack your bag and make the process smoother.  

Politeness can go a long way while waiting at the security check and it is helpful to remain calm and cooperative. Security officials are also human and just doing their job to ensure that all travellers are safe.

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