#AfriTravel: SAA expands codeshare route with Ethiopian Airlines

2017-03-29 16:29
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Cape Town - SAA and Ethiopian Airlines have announced the expansion of a code-share service agreement by adding Cape Town, Durban and Canada as additional destinations.  

The airlines announced the expanded code-share service agreement, initally signed on 1 October 2016, by adding Cape Town, Durban and Canada as additional destinations to the existing code-share flights. The code-share is in effect since 26 March. 

The revamped codeshare agreement between the two carriers will now add Toronto as an additional destination on offer, but will also offer a direct service between Addis Ababa to both Cape Town and Durban.

These routes will be operated by Ethiopian Airlines, with SAA as the marketing carrier, according to the airlines.

The African airlines  already code-share from Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital, to Johannesburg, SAA’s hub, and from Addis Ababa to Bamako in Mali with all these flights operated by Ethiopian aircraft.

In return the East African carrier code-shares on SAA’s aircraft between Johannesburg the coastal cities Cape Town and Durban, and Windhoek in Namibia. The routing Addis Ababa - Johannesburg is operated by Ethiopian Airlines, while Johannesburg – Cape Town and Johannesburg - Durban legs are operated by SAA. 

SAA's Acting Chief Commercial Officer at South African Airways, Aaron Munetsi, says they are delighted to be able to enhance they relationship with Ethiopian Airlines, a well-respected and trusted partner airline on the continent. 

"This enhanced codeshare agreement enables us to offer our mutual customers more destinations in addition to the existing ones as well as enables both airlines to offer our legendary reliable and world class service to our ever growing markets that demand customer focused service and we believe the partnership will be scaled up further in future for the betterment of customer service," says Munetsi.

According to Ethiopian Acting Vice President Strategic Planning and Alliances, Girma Shiferaw, Ethiopian Airlines have an unshakable stance to work in collaboration with other African carriers. 

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"Revamping the already existing code-share agreement with our partner, SAA emanates from our bold ambition and effort to expand our footprint to different destinations and better serve our esteemed customers globally," say Shiferaw.  

"The revised code-share service coupled with the existing code-share flights of the two carriers enables our customers to enjoy the best possible connectivity options to multiple destinations and also plays a significant role in enabling greater people-to-people, investment, trade and tourism ties”.

Ethiopian Airlines and SAA first signed a code-share agreement on 17 September 2003 and extended this agreement on 1 October 2016 to include destinations such as Cape Town, Durban and Toronto.

The airlines advised more code-share destinations will be added in the near future.