#Afritravel: Ethiopian Airlines to restart flights to Eritrea after peace deal

2018-07-11 10:37 - Gabi Zietsman
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(Photo: Ethiopian Airlines, Boeing)

Ethiopian Airlines will start flying again to Eritrea after 20 years since it stopped the route due to conflict between the two nations.

After a peace agreement was made between Ethtiopia's prime minister Abiy Ahmed and Eritrea's president Isajas Afewerki, the airline announced it will resume its daily flights on 18 July to its capital Asmara, boosting travel between Eritrea and the rest of the world through Addis Ababa.

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Ethiopian Airlines CEO Tewolde GebreMariam felt national pride for the resuming of the flights.

"With the opening of a new chapter of peace and friendship between the two sisterly countries, we look forward to starting flights to Asmara with the B787, the most technologically advanced commercial aircraft, which gives customers unparalleled on-board comfort," says GebreMariam.

"The resumption of air links will play a critical role in boosting the overall political, economic, trade and people-to-people ties between the two sisterly countries."

He further added that they plan to expand the service to operate multiple times a day and to also start cargo flights that will nurture the link between the two countries.

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The hour-long flight will depart Addis Ababa at 09:00 and arrive in Asmara at 10:10, then depart again for Ethiopia at 11:00 and land 12:10.

Eritrea has a coastline on the Red Sea, and Asmara is well known for its architecture, which ranges from Italian colonial buildings to art-deco to neoclassical to even futurist buildings.

The two countries have had a long dispute over their shared border, but have finally concluded peace talks that will open up the two countries to each other again. Read more about it here.