WATCH: Inside Zuma's possible R4b private jet

2015-11-09 12:00
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Cape Town - Have you ever wondered what a R4 billion jet looks like? It seems as if our President Jacob Zuma is eager to find out... 

The President of South Africa has underlined specific VIP requirements for the way he prefers to fly, causing much controversy with tax payers who demand that money should be used for the improvement of SA as a whole, and not only a single person.

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Nonetheless, President Zuma’s ideal R4 billion jet should include a bedroom suite, bathroom and a conference room for eight people on board. These are only some of the luxuries Armscor, the defense force’s acquisitions agency, plans to have available on the jet for President Jacob Zuma.

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Yet these treats are not reserved for the President alone. 

Uber -luxurious travellers who have the cash to burn can expect to pay from R15 000 to over R28 000 per flying hour for executive turboprops (the smallest private jet option) and from R46 000 to over R108 200 per flying hour for larger cabin jet charters. 

The cost of operating one of these private aircraft is drastically raised when jet fuel is taken into consideration. You could pay over R18 400 per hour for the fuel alone. 

For those who have the money to spend, how about a virtual tour...

The official tender states the aircraft needs to carry 30 passengers and be able to fly a range of 13 800km. This is roughly the distance of flying between Moscow and New York - without stopping to refuel. 

The main models that will be able to serve these purposes are the Boeing 777, Boeing 787 or the Airbus A340. The Airbus A330 is also a contenter, and could then also serve as multipurpose plane.

Should the Boeing Business Jet be the chosen one, this is just some of the in-flight VIP options the President could to enjoy:

Dining rooms. (Boeing Business Jets)

Conference rooms. (Boeing Business Jets)

Relaxation areas. (Boeing Business Jets)

State of the art jet bedrooms.
 (Boeing Business Jets)

Customized exterior. (Boeing Business Jets)

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