Cape Town footbridges renamed after iconic South Africans

2015-09-23 12:25
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Cape Town - The City of Cape Town unveiled the seven renamed footbridges along Nelson Mandela Boulevard and Rhodes Drive on Wednesday morning, ahead of National Heritage Day on 24 September. 

The City’s Executive Mayor, Patricia de Lille was joined by the family members of those honoured in the renaming.

In her speech, De Lille welcomed guests by saying, “all of the individuals we are honouring today played a role in bridging divides.”

She described them as heroes who “used their lives and life’s work to bridge the divide by building bridges between rich and poor, the haves and the have-nots, those who had access to education and those who did not.”

The renamed footbridges now form part of the country’s heritage, and those who drive or walk along Nelson Mandela Boulevard and Rhodes Drive we can reflect on a brighter road that lies ahead. 

The mayor explained this is the most diverse set of names to have come through the City's naming process to date. 

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The seven footbridges are named after the following public figures:

Father John Oliver

Anglican priest from the area of District Six founded the Cape Town Interfaith Initiative. He dedicated his life to building relationships between religious denominations and brought the essence of similarity to life in South Africa. 

IA!kunta (Klaas Stoffel) |A!kunta, who was the very first contributor to the Wilhelm Bleek and Lucy Lloyd Archive of /xam and !kun texts. He came from the area of Strondbergen and was a member of the !xam clan, known today as the San hunters. 

Taliep Petersen 

Award winning South African composer and all round musician directed a great number of popular South African styled musicals, that brought the people and lifestyles of South Africans to life. 

Father Basil Van Rensberg

South African Catholic priest who received international recognition for his fight against apartheid’s forced removal of the inhabitants of District Six. An avid writer and community leader dedeicated his life to mobilising public opinion and change. 

Ingrid Jonker

Iconic Afrikaaner poet who ended her own life at the age of 31 in Cape Town's Three Anchor Bay. Her poems, have been translated into many language and she is recognised as a pioneer for Afrikaans poetry. 

Dawid Kruiper 

Traditional healer and a leader of the Khomani San who reside in the Northern Cape's Kalahari. He strove towards preserving the rights of indigenous people and was successful in claiming land the land of the San in South Africa.

Tuan Guru

Regarded as the father of Islam in South Africa was a descendant of the Sultan of Morocco. Banished my the Dutch in 1780 and held prisoner on Robben Island for 12 years. During his incarceration he wrote copies of the Holy Qu’ran from memory. 

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