Airlink: Hijacking was an error transmission

2016-07-11 13:31
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Cape Town -  SA Airlink has  confirms one of its aircraft, an Avro RJ, operating as flight S8678  from Cape Town to Wonderboom, Pretoria,  on Monday afternoon "emitted an anomalous hi-jack alert through its transponder".

The airline confirmed in a statement the 70 passengers and 4 crew members are all safe" after the error transmission, which sparked fears of a hijacking situation.

It said the plane was on the ground at Wonderboom Airport, "where authorities have held the aircraft as a prescribed precautionary measure while they verify that all is in good order".

Airlink said it will assist the investigating authorities with their inquiry, which is a mandatory step following such incidents.  Airlink has also initiated an internal investigation into the erroneous transmission. 

Cape Town International Airport told Traveller24 that there are currently no delays for outgoing flights at the airport, and operations are running smoothly. 

Added to this, SA actor Roelof Storm, a passenger on the SA Airlink flight, tweeted that it was ‘definitely not a hijacking’. He did however say that passengers have been sitting in the aircraft on the tarmac for more than 70 minutes. 

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