You can almost start buying tickets for Blue Origin's 41-minute space trips

2018-06-27 18:00 - Gabi Zietsman
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While a little less ambitious than other space companies like SpaceX and Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin might be closer to space flights for tourists.

The company's senior vice president Rob Meyerson provided updates on their New Shepherd vehicle at the Amazon Web Services Public Sector Summit, stating that tickets for its suborbital space flights will be going on sale next year.

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He did not, however, disclose how much the 41-minute trip will cost.

“We continue to be head down on making sure the configuration is good and stable and ready to fly,” Bob Smith, chief executive of Blue Origin, said in an April interview to Space News on the status of New Shepard development. “Once we all feel confident that that’s the case, then we’ll have the conversation internally about what prices are and what that whole process looks like.”

Virgin Galactic - on the other hand - started selling tickets years ago while still testing its VSS Unity, which at the beginning of this month reach supersonic speed. Richard Branson announced earlier that his Virgin Galactic ship may take off later this year, with some millionaires and celebrities having already bought seats on the trip.

Blue Origin has had a few successful test missions already, and its last test in April proved that they will be able to move on to manned flights very soon, making it founder Jeff Bezos very happy.

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While other space companies like SpaceX focus on getting heavy cargo into space, this rocket is aimed at getting routine missions up and running that give people a good view of space and earth without heavy use of rocket fuel, making space tourism a more viable option than before by focusing on the edge of space rather than doing the long haul.

Because of the short trip time, Bezos has already indicated that there will be no bathrooms or barf bags on the trip, so if you're thinking about starting to save up for a ticket, know that you'll also have hold it all in.

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Check out the last test flight of New Shepherd below: