WATCH: Young adventurer finds creative way to let his mom know he is just fine

2017-07-28 15:30 - Ishani Chetty
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With solo travel on the rise and the increased number of millennial travellers scouring the world - a lot of mums are worried about their children. 

It does not matter how old you might get - your mum will always worry about you. Solo travel has provided individuals with a space to learn more about themselves and grow, both emotionally and mentally. 

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Reassuring Mom

With the increased travel incidents and crime around the world - it is no wonder our families will worry about us as we embark on our adventures across the world.

Jonanthan Kubben - an avid adventurer and traveller decided to take on the world and travel to as many countries as possible. Kubben's mother has always been supportive of his adventurous nature and encouraged him to see the world and experience life - but of course she would still worry. He has been globetrotting for a year now.

On his 27th birthday Kubben decided to follow his heart - he quit his job and sold his car to purchase his one -way ticket to travel the world. 

In order to reassure his mom Kubben found numerous creative ways to let his mother know that he is safe and put her worries to rest.This simple idea has grown over the months and he has gained the attention of the world with his very adorable message to his mom. 

Kubben is a thrill seeker - swimming with sharks, diving to the depths of the ocean and climbing massive mountains. Adventure is his passion and every opportunity is taken.

He has taught the world that no matter how busy you may be - there is always time to let your loved ones know you are safe and put them at ease. 

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The adorable video of his adventures show the love and creativity behind 'Mom I'm fine'

Besides giving us wanderlust - this video has brought warmth to our hearts. 

More than a 'message'

Kubben has devises a new way to tell his mom that he is safe - each new destination that he reaches he makes sure to let her know that he is okay. 

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Celebrating his birthday in Myanmar, Bagan - he did not miss the opportunity to send the message

Involving those around him to make sure the message gets sent - taken in Morocco, Agadir. 

Machu Picchu in Peru - absolutely adorable!

Climbing in Bolivia - through all the conditions and extreme adventure that Kubben experiences, he ensures that he lets his mom know. 

Huayna Potosi climbing attempt #momimfine #lapaz #bolivia #mountain #3daysclimbing #sky #snow

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Even Aladdin let's his mom know he is okay. 

These images are sure to put a smile on your face - a gentle reminder of the bond that exists between family. 

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