WATCH: Things just got real for the How Far From Home SA couple!

2016-06-30 20:00 - Selene Brophy
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Cape Town - Designing your lifestyle around a better quality of life is more than just a trend.

And it seems more and more people are deciding to take time off the hamster wheel of life in order to find out exactly what that means.

We have to admit, it takes guts and determination to choose to save, to not get caught up in materialistic lifestyles that assault the senses via all manner of media from every interweb-connected part of the globe. 

Take for instance this brave family we recently feature, TazzDiscovers, who decided a good shot left across South Africa was invaluable experience for their young family, jilting the system for a bit and getting some street-credit and road-tripping life skills under their belts. 

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And how can we forget the gutsy South African How Far From Home couple, Chanel Cartell and Stevo Dirnberger, who initially wooed us all with their wanderlust-filled imagery showcasing the perfect travellers dream when they at age 29, decided to give it all up and travel the world - proving they would do practically anything, even clean toilets, to sustain their adventurous spirits. 

SEE: SA couple who quit their jobs to travel the world now cleaning toilets

The latest revelation they've shared with us is that their savings have long since run out.

Shock. Horror right?

Wrong. This behind the scenes look at what it takes to buck the trend, refuse to go with the flow and live your life's purpose may be the stuff of legends, or it might very well send you cowering beneath your desks in utter disbelief at the unpredictability of it all.

Chanel says, "We recently packaged our world travels into a 3-minute video, allowing everyone to see all the behind the scenes and explorations." 

Take a look. It's real, gets a bit number-some here and there, why they only made four South African friends heaven only knows (Do we need to travel more?) and one day when they look back on their life, doubt they'll have many regrets.

Cliche or not, travel really is the one thing that really can make you richer for a lifetime... 

Follow their adventure of collecting memories and not things here... 

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